Below you'll find an organised list of all our scheduled classes for your convenience.


15:30 Theatre History Tara Macpherson

16:45 Open Choreography Jillian Jooste

16:45 Beginner Drama Tara Macpherson

18:00 Open Ballet Jillian Jooste

18:00 LTCL Preparation Tara Macpherson

19:15 Contemporary Jillian Jooste


09:00 Body Conditioning Jillian Jooste

10:15 Open Ballet Jillian Jooste

15:30 Dance, Stretch & Conditioning Amber Morgan

16:45 Open Choreography Jillian Jooste

16:45 Beginner Tap Amber Morgan

18:00 Open Drama Ilona Frege

18:00 Intermediate Tap Amber Morgan

19:15 Physical Theatre & Performance Ilona Frege

19:15 Advanced Tap Amber Morgan


09:00 Open Broadway Jazz Amber Morgan

10:15 Classical Tap Amber Morgan

15:30 Beginner Drama Tara Macpherson

16:45 Open Ballet Jillian Jooste

16:45 Page to Stage Tara Macpherson

18:00 Cabaret Jillian Jooste

18:00 Musical Theatre Byron Bure

19:15 Jazz Technique Jillian Jooste


09:00 Open Ballet Jillian Jooste

10:15 Contemporary Jillian Jooste

15:30 Body Conditioning Nadine Suliaman

16:45 Intermediate Open Choreography Nadine Suliaman

16:45 Beginner Broadway Jazz Amber Morgan

18:00 Beginner Open Choreography Nadine Suliaman

18:00 Intermediate Broadway Jazz Amber Morgan

19:15 Hip Hop Nadine Suliaman

19:15 Advanced Broadway Jazz Amber Morgan


07:45 Yoga Ilona Frege

09:00 Open Tap Amber Morgan

10:15 Dance, Stretch & Conditioning Amber Morgan